Holidays in north Cyprus  
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Holidays In North Cyprus
Holidays In North Cyprus
  Northern Cyprus, without doubt, is a beautiful island, teeming with natural beauty and great cultural history. Anyone who is dreaming of wonderful vacation can select this island to be their destination as this island has got everything from beaches to historical sites, from parks to pubs, from the best five star hotels to resorts, villas etc.

North Cyprus is for everyone

For tourists who would love to visit historical sites

This island is known for a number of historical sites, many of which are present in the two most popular town-like cities here such as Famagusta and Kyrenia. Anyone who would like to go into the past life of this island shall visit the most popular historical places such as Ruins of salamis, Othello towers, Nitovikla Towers, St.Barnabas Monastery, The Canbulat Tomb, Venetian Palace, Bellapais Monastery, Lambousa, Kyrenia Castle or Harbor etc.

For tourists who would love to visit the best of the best beaches

Beaches in North CyprusNorthern and eastern shores of this island are perfectly lapped by clear blue med-waters. Visitors can find plenty of beaches here. This island is just simply the best for all those who are looking forward to enjoy their North Cyprus beach holidays on one of the best beaches where they can spend their time their way. Beaches here on the island are known for their own natural beauty, facilities etc. Visitors can find hotels and food-stalls near to these beaches too where they can gobble down anything they like. The most visited beaches are Escape beach, Acapulco beach, Deniz kizi beach, Alagadi turtle beach, Lara beach, Sunset beach, Diana beach etc

For tourists who love adventures

If you are the one who loves adventures then visit North Cyprus to challenge yourself to the most risky things. Go for trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, parachuting or paragliding etc. Walk through the jungle areas here to discover natural beauty. Cage in your cameras the best of the moments during your time here on the island.

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